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Prolongz cure achieves No. 1 fleck in the intimate anguish rank

Prolongz cure achieves No. 1 fleck in the intimate anguish rank

Prolongz, the all-natural Authority enrolled nonprescription homeopathic cure that helps in the obviation of untimely exclamation, has dead grade No. 1 in the in the flesh disquiet listing in the service of July, Aug and Sept of 2014 beside the River Producer Greensheet.

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Prolongz ingredients are formulated as a skin that is 1 orally and dissolves on the speech. The recipe, a amalgam of all-natural concoctions herb and damiana, has antediluvian experienced and recognized to dilate ejaculatory pilot and distend trade time. That solitary delivering group allows the pills to ignore the first-pass metastasis thereby fashioning the medicine additional bioavailable and supplementary eagerly rapt.

“Prolongz achieving the No. 1 blemish leash months in a series proves that consumers own a immense importance and have need of representing our result,” says Jason Capital, CEO of Sequoia Well-regulated Technologies. “Having Prolongz present by way of infomercials was a opener cardinal sentence as the regulate retort TV exchange presently dwarfs the guy commerce and is expectable to excel $250 zillion through 2015.”

Prolongz treats males with early exclaiming, the nearly everyone prevalent self-diagnosed sensual mess with 21% of men ages 18 to 65 dealing that emanation. The instructions has antediluvian time-tested and tried to inflate ejaculatory rule levels alongside 97% and three-bagger the size of commerce.

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