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Physical Therapy to Regain the Use of My Arm

When I broke my right elbow, it was hard to get on with daily life. I lost complete use of my dominant arm and hand as a result. I thought that I was going to have to have surgery to help fix it, but my orthopedic doctor said that he wanted me to try physical therapy in Glendale AZ first. He said that if he did surgery, there were no guarantees that I would be any better off. He recommended that I go to Elite Physical Therapy, which I did since I didn’t know the difference between any of the physical therapy centers.

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I thought that not using my arm was painful, but learning how to use it again was even harder. I had to manipulate my arm by doing different exercises, and it was very hard. I was bound and determined to regain my strength though. One of the first things I had to do was hold a small one pound weight in my hand while slightly turning my wrist. One pound is so light, but it felt like a wrecking ball in my hand. I couldn’t even do one rep at first, so the therapist had me do exercises without weights at first.

That too was hard, but it did get my hand ready for the weights just one session later. What I really liked about this therapist was that she didn’t give me false hope. She knew that it was going to be very painful for me, but she also explained what I would be facing if I did not go through with all of these exercises. She knew just the things to say to me just like she knew what my hand, wrist, elbow and arm needed to get the full use of my arm back. It took some time, but I am now fully recovered, and I did not need to have surgery!

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