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Winter Need for a Weight Loss Program That Works

The battle of the bulge is at my waistline. Sure, I know it was a historical battle too. However, this is the one I am fighting now. Winter is awful for me. So much time indoors close to treats. And the cold makes me crave the sugar and high fat foods. I have willpower but not enough. I can easily put on 10 pounds between December and spring. What about you? Some folks do a steady rise year after year. Maybe it is only three to five pounds, but it is still pounds. I need a weight loss program that will work for me in the winter. Something that will help me fight the cravings to add another tablespoon of this or slice of that.

It is not like I am eating two plates at dinner. No, it is a little here and there. A little extra snack during the day that I am not interested in during the warmer months. When the sunshine returns making long days, I like lighter fare and less of it. In the winter I feel full and eat more anyway. In the summer I try to avoid feeling full. Short of moving to a winter place in the southern hemisphere that is warm with long sunny days in our winter, I need a weight loss program that will work.

I do not eat desserts, but I crave the sugar in the winter too. Last night I ate a handful of kid cereal before I went to bed. I was wanting sugar that bad. Sometimes I will eat a spoon of peanut butter because it is sugar and fat. That is awful. I don’t think it was that bad when I smoked. I did not go nuts if I could not have a cigarette. However, I cannot stop the food cravings in the winter.

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